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ProjeX-DB is a database for large-scale plant construction projects aimed at providing you with an easy entry into the world of business intelligence. Explore current high-value projects around the globe that fit your requirements.

We represent the entire market - internationally and across industries

ProjeX-DB provides you with a platform to connect with other companies and build up contacts. Your position in the market and in your company is not decisive for the added value you can generate with ProjeX-DB. ... No matter if you are an EPC company, supplier, production company or commodity trader and regardless of your company size between family business and big industry. We mediate across the entire global large-scale plant engineering market. Every participant in the market can benefit from our data sets. Starting with the actual process industry and extending to investors and stakeholders, we offer the opportunity to generate personal added value for you and your company.

We deliver qualitative project details with expertise - and just the data you benefit from

The quality of the data is processed and accurately checked by our expert network and internal competencies, so that we can quickly provide you with the highest quality information. In order to guarantee the information supports ... your work process, this is processed in a targeted and accurate manner.
To secure and improve your added value, we focus on our work with ProjeX-DB and create further basis for development. This process is supported by experts who ensure the level of quality and are on hand with their assessment.
In order to ensure you receive the information best suited to your needs, we have already established various tools for individualization. There are several ways to filter the data in order to guarantee the guidance of the information. In addition, we offer a mailing alert, which can be used as a list or as an individual project. To make sure, you are able to work online or offline, all projects can be exported as Excel or PDF file.
For a further improvement or to help you with any occasion, our ProjeX-DB team is waiting for your contact and input.
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Market Insights provide decisive advantages for your business - use them to stay ahead

Market Insights is regarded as a promising field of the digitalised working world. We give you the chance to use our databases to give yourself an advantage in the market thats relevant to your business. Through comprehensive ... insights and current project information, you have the opportunity to react ideally to the market situation and competition, and to do so at an early stage. Recognize the potential of Market Insights for your industry and benefit from countless project information. Discover the world of Business Intelligence in a constantly growing number of projects paired with the constant development of our platform.
Our network of experts as well as internal competences ensure the quality of the data and pass on the expertise in different industries. With white papers you can secure exclusive trends and market insights for your company. Analyze and discover new projects and partners in your industry. Get in touch with shareholders and investors as well as other companies. We share all information with you to connect you in the best possible way. Optimize your business processes and make your customer and supplier relationships even more successful.
Gain new insights from our data sets and make data-based management decisions that make you even more successful. Lower your costs, reduce risks and increase the added value of your company. We take the first step towards Business Intelligence and prepare our data sets in an informative way for the further phases of this methodology in business analytics.

Market Insights provide decisive advantages for your business -
use them to stay ahead


Letter of intent and Memorandum of Understanding are the expression of companies to have the intention or came to an understanding (MOU) to start or award( LOI) a project.

(Final Investment Decision)

Big projects require a lot of capital investment and in many cases need financing. After the project owners have enough information on costs and economics they decide to continue with the project and make the investment.

Conceptual Design

In the development phase of a project, concepts will be investigated and an optimized conceptual design with a first layout will be made to estimate investment and production costs. This allows to develop the economics of a project and will be the basis for following steps.

Feasibility Study

In this phase the economics of a project will be calculated, based on the selected concept and include in market information for the products of the plant, including investigations and comparisons with other routes to the same products.


The project managing contractor will handle the organization of the project including invitation of bidders, bid evaluation, contract drafting to contract award. The PMC Phase can last from a short period of a few months to the completion of the project, depending on the PMC contract, which can include document and procurement supervision during the execution of the project.


The Pre-Front End Engineering Design ( Pre-FEED) and Basic Engineering Design ( BED) are phases in which the process design for the plants are made and include process calculations and process data sheets as a result.


In the Front-end Engineering Design ( FEED) the Process documents developed in the PreFEED/ BED phase are transferred into a mechanical design and finally into procurement requisition documents that can be used by any Engineering Company to procure the required equipment and bulk material for a project.


In the Engineering , procurement and construction phase (EPC) all Engineering activities are combined and can be carried out partially in parallel. During the Engineering procurement and construction activities can be executed and through this parallel work shorten the schedule compared to other execution forms.

EPC bidding

Based on the invitations to bid capable EPC companies are invited to prepare a bid according to instructions given in the Invitation to bid (ITB) document. The bids are required in a certain format and time frame to be comparable. Preparation of bids for big projects can take up to 6- 12 months.


Commissioning is the phase in which the plant is being installed and prepared for startup. In large and complex petrochemical plants, the final phase of cleaning the plant and drying out is called the Commissioning.

In Operation

After the start up of a plant, test runs are carried out to demonstrate the performance and the plant is finally handed over from contractor to client ( operator).After this hand over, the plant is in operation phase. Now the client has to the routine maintenance and the day to day operation.